Your wedding day is where your story takes place.  From bridesmaids giggling among themselves to the anticipation of the kiss to the longing gaze before the vow to the elegant flow of the veil.  It’s about the tingly feeling, the energy, the overjoyed tears and those butterflies that you have the entire morning. Your emotions may fade overtime, but your photographs will bring you back to that very important day of your life.

My job as your photographer is to capture these emotions and turn these ‘once in a lifetime’ moments into a visual story.  My style is not one that can be described as solely photojournalism or traditional or editorial, but one that encompasses all these styles.  I allow the moment and the mood to dictate the photograph and use my artistic eye to create images that evoke emotion.

My goal is to document the day as honestly and as candidly as possible and to create photographs that reflect the essence of my couples and their family.  While always working with natural light and a fresh artistic vision, I capture heartfelt moments and amazing details with a modern and creative style. The result is imagery that has a relaxed and natural feeling.

Wedding day coverage starts at $3275.  Please inquire for a list of our Wedding Collections and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.