Carin + Scott | Tiburon Wedding @ Mt. Tamalpais

I went in to photograph Scott and his groomsmen and immediately noticed the cool aqua-painted walls.  The aqua walls at the Tiburon Lodge were ‘clean’ with minimal distractions and the natural light that was coming through window was gorgeous!   As wedding photographers, we always try to envision a photo before we actually take it and that’s what I did.  This helps me plan for lighting, composition and all the other technical stuff that my couples hire me for.  I knew I had to make this happen.  I saw that Scott was getting ready in a darker area of the room so I recommended that he move towards a better lit area.  I always ‘guide’ my couples so that the photos I take look as natural and candid as possible.

So I stepped back….and snap, snap, snap went my camera.

Not bad.  I got a few shots of Scott reacting to his buddies’ tasteless jokes. LOL!  I repositioned myself and snap, snap, snap.  A few more of him getting ready…..

Cool, but not what I had envisioned prior.  I kept hearing Rick Sammon’s voice in my head, telling me, “When you think you’re done shooting, keep shooting.”  And BAMM, it happened!  Scott pulls out his vows and got the biggest ‘kid in a candy store’ smile on his face!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot from Carin & Scott’s wedding!!

Tom Vo Photography - Carin+Scott
Super stud groom, clean background and ridiculous lighting had everything to do with it.  The result was the exact shot I had envisioned prior.  Only my 2nd photographer will ever know this since I shared it with her prior to the shot.  These are the exact moments prior to a wedding that helps to tell the story of your special day.  The only way that Carin, his bride, will be able to share a special moment like this will be through this photo.  Cheers!!

Vendors:  The Lodge at Tiburon

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